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¡¿Qué Es Esto?!

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Here's my site's impression of mobile-first, web forward, responsive, open source, accessible, flexible, future-friendly and much more jargon than I'm willing to type here. Which is to say, "I've spent waaay too much time trying to make this frickin' thing display on as many browsers as possible!" When I started learning this stuff --a few years ago-- all I wanted was to learn enuf code to make images move (insert mournful wail here)!

A Little About Me

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Truth be told, most of the details on this site are here to help me remember how and why I made these choices in the first place. All this changing technology is a little overwhelming

When I first started out I thought I was going to be an actor, but "just to be safe" I trained as a graphic designer (thanks, Dad)! Although I liked performing, most of my steady paid work lead me to almost exclusively designing advertising and page layout (remember "print"?!). Over the past decade I have focused on teaching myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, video and audio editing. And I continue to learn as I go along, including creating animation with a variety of 2D and 3D programs. I've done all this partially to remain gainfully employed, but also because I'm interested in learning about the technology making content accessable to more people online.

If you are a "non-programmer" like me, you're welcome to share your experiences and any insights you've gained along the way. I often feel like there's "gotta be an easier way", but also that I'm making this up as I encounter it! So if you got any tips, let me know and I'm all to happy to reciprocate, since people have been very patient and generous with their time and knowledge with me. And to any programmers out there, I'd appreciate any suggestions to make what I'm doing here simple and more efficient, and I promise to give you FULL credit.