PSA: Santa Monica Public Library

AUDIO FILE (1 minute, audio only), June 10, 2018
santa monica public library at night, exterior

Click the PLAY button on audio player (above), NOT the photo, to hear a funny Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the Santa Monica Public Library, promoting their services.

Featuring me and a familiar, "Apple-like" A.I.(artificial intelligence).
Edited using Adobe Audition. Recorded on an Android smart phone and free, text-to-speech software.

Cuba Map

INERACTIVE TOURIST MAP (1 page total), Sep 2, 2017
click this image link to open new interactive

Click the image (above) to open an interactive map. Roll over city names to display new information and details.

Features audio file in Guantanamo section and accumulating miles traveled tally.
Refresh your browser to clear info. Created using HTML5 and CSS3 only.

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